A downloadable shitty thing for Windows

-- From "_READ THIS SHIT.txt" (but there's other stuff in there too) --

Who, What and Where Am I is a puzzle game set on an 8x8 grid. The player's goal is to reach the Finish tile, which is represented by the pixel with the rapidly changing colours. The player starts on the slow-flashing white tile. You use the arrow keys to move.

Black tiles can always be walked on. White tiles can never be walked on.

The player character is invisible. You have to find your way through the levels on sound feedback alone. Although you can't see it, being invisible, the player character is of a certain colour. This allows them to walk on tiles of the matching colour. For example, the player character might be red- this would let them walk on all the red tiles in the level.

The player can change colour by walking on the flashing tile of that colour. They can only ever be one colour at any one time. They can walk on the flashing tiles no matter what colour they are at the time. If the player is red, and then walks on a yellow tile, the red is totally replaced. They can no longer walk on red tiles, but can now walk on yellow instead.

The player starts each level with no colour. They cannot walk on any coloured tiles. 

Good luck!

Install instructions

Download, unzip, skip reading the README and then fire up the .exe in the folder to sit there and have no idea what to do. Enjoy.


WhoWhatAndWhere.zip 6 MB