A downloadable monstrosity for Windows, macOS, and Linux

I made this game between the hours of 1am and 6am last night.

I wanted to make a game a little less game-y than most before.

I also wanted it to be themed around spoons.

I kind of wanted it to reflect how I was feeling at the time - fairly shitty all things considered.

You have to catch bran flakes in your spoon, and then flick them (by clicking the mouse) into Tom's mouth to improve your score. Your score is a non-integral value. Tom's life isn't in a great place though. He's living with his parents and spending all day eating bran flakes. His mother isn't happy about this and is busy giving out to him. 


Install instructions

Just unzip your executable and click on it with your big bad mouse!

Warning: I haven't tested anything except the Win32 and Win64 builds. Oh well!


tomspoon-win32.zip 6 MB
tomspoon-linux32.zip 6 MB
tomspoon-mac.zip 6 MB
tomspoon-win64.zip 6 MB
tomspoon-linux64.zip 6 MB