A downloadable monstrosity for Windows

Spacerock Blues is a Space Cowboy-themed city-builder game with art from @CNIAngel and bugs from @iandioch.

You must build a town on a lonely asteroid, starting from nothing. You must mine gas in order to fuel your power stations to keep your town running. You must build up the infrastructure to support your gold mining, the real goal of settling here. And then you must try to survive when the planet runs out of gas.

You start by building the "Hub", a building that creates a big shield; a pocket of oxygen. Most other buildings must be built within this shield. If your hub does not have the resources to run, then it will shut down, your citizens will asphyxiate in the hostile atmosphere, and you will lose. Good luck.

Still a bit in-dev. Sorry. I'll get to it <3

There'll be music at some stage. If you're a music-er, tweet me and we can work something out!

In the meantime, did you know that Spacerock Blues is moddable? That's right! For only €0.00 a month, you can jump into the XML building files and start playing around. But this is a limited time offer you space-miners, so get to it now! Terms and conditions apply. For more information log onto http://ducksarethebest.com and enter your credit card details into the tweetbox.

Install instructions

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