A downloadable kaleidoscope for Windows

Crith is a mad rush of colours, sounds and movements that will suck you into its gaping mouth and spit you gleefully out the other end.

Crith (meaning "Vibration" in Irish, pronounced "crih") is a mouse-avoider game. Evade the filled circles that fill the screen, chasing your poor little mouse pointer. Meanwhile, click the quick-and-sly unfilled shapes to gain points.

As you gain points, you rise through the levels. At each level, there are more circles, and they all move faster; the game gets more and more intense.

When you touch a filled circle, you lose a life. When you run out of lives, it's game over!

There are four graphics modes; calm, crazy (epilepsy warning!), disco, and white. To be honest, none of the modes are the most epileptic-friendly ever, due to the nature of the game, but without doubt the Crazy mode is off-limits to anyone who has ever even looked at the sun for too long and got dizzy.

The music is by me. Sound effects were made with BFXR. Font is "Alte Haas Grotesk" from dafont.com.

Install instructions

It should just be a case of downloading and running. There's been an error floating about with it crashing when you exit in Windows- just close the accompanying command prompt and you should be fine.

Hopefully I can find a way to get Mac and Linux versions out soon. Tweet me if you want me to hurry up about it!


crith.windows32.zip 13 MB
crith.windows64.zip 13 MB